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At Trina's Concierge & Catering we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best service possible for your needs. Whether it is a drop and go lunch delivery, full service catered event, or a task that we take off your plate with our concierge service offering, we strive to make things as seamless and stress free as possible.




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We are Family Strong, Family Operated and Family Run. We take pride in providing you top quality service.
Trina Montemayor

I have worked and managed in this industry for past 17 years. I take pride in building a successful knowledge driven team, dedicated to serving each and every client. I absolutely love the work that we do with the many different restaurants and caterers in the Houston and surrounding areas. Throughout the years of service, I found myself adapting the business model to the ever changing needs of the industries we served and the clientele that we have come to love and enjoy. So many of my clients reach out and personally praise the work of my team. We take pride in serving each and every client that calls on us. We take a team based approach with our partner restaurants and caterers to make everything as personal and perfect as possible. When I am not on the job, I enjoy spending time with my husband, our kids and grandson.

Angela Guerrero
Account Executive

I have been in this industry for 16 years helping individuals find the best meals for their needs. I enjoy and value the relationships made with each client. At TCC , I love that we all work together to fulfill the client's requests. Knowing that we can make our client’s job easier is very rewarding. Nothing beats a great meal! And we will do our best to give you that!

Lawren Montemayor
TCC Support Manager & Meal Expert

I have spent the last 7 years working as the Driver Manager, Customer Service, Sales Support and any other role needed to get the job done. I have enjoyed working in this industry, as it showed me the many aspects of business. I am thankful that at a very young age, (16) I was able to experience business transactions in a professional atmosphere. I love serving each client to the best of my ability in hopes of them to having a stress-free appointment or meeting. I love going above and beyond and taking the time to get to know each of the customer ‘s needs and wants. Lastly, I enjoy being able to give each client the confidence that we will handle everything timely and efficiently.

Natasha Lopez
TCC Support Manager & Meal Expert

I am currently working as a Customer Support and Meal Management Representative for Trina’s Concierge and Catering, as a company we specialize in not only delivering meals but nurturing positive long lasting customer experiences. Working in the customer service industry for 4 years and being a part of TCC’s team has shown me the impact paying attention to detailed requests can make in any interpersonal interaction. Overseeing all orders each morning ensures the company is capable of delivering you what is promised. As a meal expert every working day is filled with its own surprises and challenges, but we take every measure to ensure your meal will be what you have requested!

Petra Enriquez
Accounting Executive

As the Accounting Specialist I provide accounting support for the team at TCC. My many years of working in the Travel Agency business has translated well in the TCC customer centric environment. I bring 20+ years of accounting experience to the table and always enjoy the daily challenge it can bring.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

At TCC, we take social and environmental responsibilities seriously. We work with several organizations to help the planet and those in need.

TCC is excited to announce a new impact partnership with Biochar Trust.  The new partnership will allow our food deliveries to be delivered emission free!  For each order, TCC will be purchasing CO2 removal credits to offset the emissions from the delivery.  Learn more about Biochar Trust or contact us for details.

Our Frequently Asked

Why use Trina's vs Food Apps?

Simply stated, Trina’s will custom tailor your menu requests to restaurants we have long standing relationships with.  We are more than just ordering from what an app dictates you can order.  You have a favorite restaurant, call us we’ll take care of the rest.

Why use third party delivery company?

With the new normal, the restaurant industry has changed overnight.  Restaurant owners are relying on several technology apps to help their businesses to continue to remain open.

Trina’s has been around for years and has partnered with many organizations as an “extra employee” to handle food and business.  We present you the unrivaled best food delivery for your restaurant business.  We have clients who rely on us daily, weekly and monthly for food delivery from 10 to 100 employees.  No group or size of company is too small or too big.

What business services do you offer?

Aside from being delivery experts of food.  We also manage business services for document delivery, copy, print and fax service delivery.

What types of party rentals do you offer?

Our party rental services have no limit for your event.  Tables, chairs, tents, catering, daiquiri stations and everything in between.  Do you have party theme or menu in mind such as casino night, Hawaiian, tropical, Christmas or other, please let us know.   Our team will work with you to create and produce the party event you will be happy we helped you plan and execute.

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